"I've had so many people tell me how talented you are"   - from Events Co-ordinator, Fisherman's Village, Punta Gorda FL

"a unique voice and talent" - from the Activities Director, Riverside RV Park, Arcadia, FL

"you're good, man" - from staff member at Gatorz Bar and Grille, Port Charlotte, FL

Comments from The Regatta Steak and Seafood Grille:

"great sound"

"turn it down"  is there a pattern developing here? :-)

"you have a beautiful voice! My son enjoyed your music and he is only 14!"

"I like that song!"  after The Pina Colada song

during Margaritaville...Bill came up to play the spoons

"an amazing variety!"

Comments from folks a Chef Konstantines last night:

"great entertainer"

"you sound as good as ever"

"I like your music"

"that was fabulous"  after For The Good Times

"way to go" after Born To Be Wild

Comments from patrons at Regatta Steak and Seafood Grille, Gravenhurst ON

"excellent music"

"you sound just like The Eagles!"

"you have a great voice!"

"turn it down!"

"I was hoping you would play The Dance by Garth Brooks"!   I did by the way... :-)

"play some more Jimmy Buffett!"   I did... :-)

"your music is awesome!"

"don't change a thing!"

Upcoming Events

  • May 28

    Caleb Village


  • Jun 12

    Central Plains Co-op


  • Jun 15

    Saskatoon Legion Br. 63


  • Jun 20

    Saskatoon Civic Pancake Breakfast


  • Jun 29

    Primrose Chateau