Cat Tracks 7 

Hey folks, it's been awhile. But I do have some news.

1) I have been contracted to provide audio, equipment and expertise for the Swift Current Market, every Saturday til the end of season. (Sept 30)

I've been involved in audio production for a good part of my life, even when I was in the life business, so great to be able to provide my stuff for the market in Swift Current.

2) If you haven't been, you really should travel to Swift Current for their market, every Saturday from June thru Sept. Live music, wonderful vendors and a real market atmosphere. Reminisent of the markets in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON...which are considered among the best in Canada. If you get there, come and say hi. I'll either be playing music or sitting at the sound board...back of the stage.

3) I've been on the Finegold Entertainment Group list of acts for a couple of years and while we've had some enquiries, no takers until a few days ago. I've been hired to play a high profile, private party in Aug. I haven't had much faith in agents, over the years, as they haven't produced much. I typically do better on my own...but Irv at Finegold has worked hard on my behalf, so hey, we'll see where it goes!

Until next time, stay cool!


Cat Tracks 6 

Hello again,

Since last chatting, One Eyed Cat has been quite active here in Rosetown and elsewhere. One of my recent gigs is an absolute highlight. I have played for two years in a row, for the Wheatland Regional Centre. These are folks who have special needs, whether physical or developmental. I must say they are the most wonderful folks to play for. They love rock and roll and upbeat music because they love to dance and sing along. During the two hours I played, they danced, cheered and applauded to every song. In this case it was a Halloween dance so I got to see some great customes too. A true muscians' appreciative and active audience.  Now to top it off, they booked me for again next year.

But alas, OEC will be out of commission for about 6 weeks coming up, as I have knee replacement surgery on Nov. 12. Not really looking forward to it, but gotta get this ole' knee fixed.  Since I sit down during my show, it's not really a big deal but load-in and load-out are getting more difficult.

When I can, I will be rehearsing and adding some great new tunes. So stay tuned for updates on that and other things.  

Y'all take care and stay cool!


One Eyed Cat 

Cat Tracks 5 

Well now, been awhile,

As I've said recently, it's time to restart my blog. Since my last post, we've seen many changes; starting with our move to Saskatchewan in July of 2013. This move did throw my music operation into complete upheaval. I virtually needed to start over.

But life is full of twists and turns and you know, I'm always up for a good challenge.

While it's taken a little while, I have started to build a clientele, starting with the wonderful folks at Saskatoon Legion Br. 63 and followed closely by the good people at The Eagles Club in Moose Jaw. I play at both, quite regularly. The folks in Rosetown have been very welcoming as well. I play at quite a few venues here and continue to have a good relationship with the movers and shakers. Indeed I became involved, last year, with the Harvest Festival and run their Saturday entertainment least I have, for the last couple of years.

Now, as to the future...I find the demographic here quite different from south Florida and even the Orillia, Ontario area, where I played before. We seem to have some baby boomer types or even older...and the young who tend to fall a bit outside my wheelhouse..which is middle (not old, not new) country, classic rock, blues and folk.

I'm working to add some newer pop songs and a little of the newer country stuff.  Examples would be a song by Phillip Phillips called Home and one from Train called Hey Soul Sister. Hopefully I can find more songs like this, that are upbeat and fun to play.  Indeed, if you're reading this and have suggestions, let me know.

In the meantime, I will keep looking at ways to improve my act and meet your expectations.  

In upcoming blogs I will cover, the anatomy of working up a I decide what songs, develop the song and learn it.  I'm also building a recording studio, so will cover what I'm doing there.

Til then, stay cool


One Eyed Cat

Cat Tracks 4 

Boy it's hot here in south Florida...90F or 33C as I speak.

We did two gigs over the weekend. A 4 hour Saturday night show at Fisherman's village...where we had about 100 people come out..listen and dance. My time at FV this winter has been wonderful. I played there an average of twice per week..both in the Center Stage area and on the main concourse. The winter time here is really busy with snowbirds from all up and down the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada. My music and presentation is very well received and they like my singing and song selection. I love to interact with the folks as they walk by or gather round to listen. We have so much fun. We (my partner Linda and I) have seen people dancing, line dancing, dancing with pots in their hands, dancing on benches..single ladies dancing and single men dancing. Might seem odd..but they just get wrapped up in the music and need to express themselves. It's wonderful and we love to see it. Little kids are very interested and many of them dance too. 

We played once per month at the huge Fleamasters Fleamarket in Fort Myers and while it was quiet at times, we found several new clients from RV Parks. Indeed my RV Park business has really picked up with several new clients..all from my work at Fisherman's and Fort Myers. 

As we move north for the summer I have several objectives for my act. One is to add more songs that appeal to younger audiences..both country and rock. I've added one song from The Zac Brown Band, a few from Josh Turner...working on one from Luke Bryant..and even Mumford and Sons. Another objective is to do more work in western Canada. I already have a few feelers out and some are starting to take hold. And third...I will continue to refine my act, continue working with a vocal coach and get myself in better physical shape.  Not overnight..but we'll be workin on it!  Stay tuned and watch out for One Eyed Cat. Might be coming to a town near you.. :-)


Cat Tracks 3 

Been awhile eh?

It's been a busy winter here in Florida. I have been able to add a few, new, venues but Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda and Fleamasters in Fort Myers have been exceptionally solid, leading to lots of work at both RV Parks and restaurants. It seems my brand of entertainment and song selection go well here. I've added a couple of dozen new songs building my total song list to near 300. 

As we head north, I am looking forward to playing music again in the Orillia area and indeed a few dates out west too. A big thank you to all of our great friends here in the Port Charlotte is a partial list...first names only: Bernie, 4 Bonnies, Dave, Ian, Paul, Don, Lee, Mike, Hope, Michael, Paul, Michael, John, Dave, Patti, Bob, Delores, Karen, Cliff, Harry, Deborah, and all the snowbirds who've enjoyed my music, bought CDs and given me tips.  You are the best.

Love Dwight

One Eyed Cat 

Cat Tracks 2 

Hi from One Eyed Cat,

Well now, here we are, near the end of July in this hot, hot summer of 2012. I swear that several heat records have been broken, Indeed as we follow the weather in south has been hotter here, on most days. Only thing we are very short of is rain!

Music has continued to treat me very well this summer. I have become so busy that I am increasingly turning gigs down. I tell you, that is something I don't like to do but I cannot be in two places at once and I really have to watch my voice. Since I am a single act, I do all the singing...and because I do such a wide variety of songs and voice does get pushed hard sometimes...especially on rock songs. Believe me, I do not take any of this success for granted. I am most grateful that folks around Orillia, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and now Toronto want to hear my act. As August goes thru and we approach fall, my goal is to add 35 or 40 new songs to my repertoire. These will be 60s and 70s rock and roll mostly because my RV Park friends in Florida really like the old rock songs. 

I've also been working with a voice coach in Toronto, to help me; 1) treat my voice better and 2) improve my technique. I am happy to say that my coach, Ryan, is helping me enormously, on both counts.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer. We will see you soon I know. In the meantime, make sure to Land On Your Feet!


Cat Tracks 

Hey there,..Well it's July 15th! About 25% of the summer gone...but still 75% left. Don't know about were you are but it's been hot here!! Whew!  Since we last talked, One Eyed Cat has been real new dates and doing the final mixes on my album, Tried & True. Mastering happens on July 25th, then release should be around the middle of August. Stay tuned for that. We took time yesterday to attend a Toronto Blue Jay baseball game with my son, daughter-in-law and their two kids. What a delight and the Blue Jays won too. In the meantime I have added two new venues...Dock of the Bay in Gravenhurst and Inn of the Falls in Bracebridge. Both towns are in Ontario's beautiful Muskokas and they feature wonderful cuisine. Both will be regular or semiregular gigs til the end of August. We've also added two new downtown Orillia dates. If you're planning to be in the Orillia, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge area in July or August...checkout the calender on this website and be sure to drop by for some good food and music. You will hear songs from The Eagles, Elvis,  Beatles, Rolling Stones, Gordon Lightfoot, George Strait and Jimmy Buffet, just to name a few.  In the meantime and until we talk again...Always Land On Your Feet!


One Eyed Cat Tracks 


Since my last blog, I've been busy rehearsing new material and playing at West 22, The Bar in Orillia..and oh yes, hustling up new gigs.

Last season for July and August, I played at a place in Gravenhurst called The Regatta Steak and Seafood Grille. Great place and the folks there treated us really well.  I was disappointed to hear this spring that they had gone out of business. But as we were traveling through Gravenhurst today, we thought we would stop in to see if anyone new had taken over...well, low and behold a new owner was on the premises, getting ready to open on July 13th. To make a long story short, he has hired One Eyed Cat for his grand opening on July 13th. The owner's name is Peter Wu and he will call the restaurant Dock Of The Bay! Great name since the outdoor deck overlooks Steamship Bay on Lake Muskoka, in Gravenhurst.

OEC will have to channel Otis Redding at this one, don't you think?

If you plan to be in the Gravenhurst area on July 13th..please stop in. Peter and of course OEC, would be very pleased to see you.

Make sure to land on your feet!


An honor for One Eyed Cat 

Hi from One Eyed Cat,

We had a very rare honor yesterday at our Brechin Legion gig!

As it turns out, earlier in the day, one of the members attended a special ceremony to receive a Queen's Jubilee medal and then he came out to the legion, part way through our set.

His name is Bobby Clayton and he served during the second world war in Hong Kong. As it turns out, he was captured when the Japanese overran the island and spent several years in a Japanese prison camp. These camps are known as being some of the most brutal in history and those who survived are true heros! We were able to meet Bobby and indeed have posted a picture showing off his many medals and his new Queen's Jubilee medal.

We also had a really great gig out there and have been asked to play at another of their functions on July 21st.

In the meantime, we play West 22 this Saturday and Arthur Canada Day celebrations on July 1st!  Hope to see you out at one of our gigs!

Til next time,


OEC at Boat Show and Blues Festival 

Hi from One Eyed Cat,

We had just a great few days at the Orillia Spring Boat Show and Blues Festival, this past weekend. Had many old friends and tons of new friends come by, pick up a CD and tell us how much they enjoy our music.

For my part, I simply love these events. Everyone is so excited to be out and about in the nice weather and of course I love to play music for the folks.

We alternated with our friends, Jorge and Laura who are known as Farrucas. They put out a very beautiful South American sound.

Our next turn at the Port of Orillia will be on the weekend of August 10, 11 and 12. So, if you plan to be in the area, please come by.

Until we meet again, take care.


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