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Hi from One Eyed Cat,

Well now, here we are, near the end of July in this hot, hot summer of 2012. I swear that several heat records have been broken, Indeed as we follow the weather in south has been hotter here, on most days. Only thing we are very short of is rain!

Music has continued to treat me very well this summer. I have become so busy that I am increasingly turning gigs down. I tell you, that is something I don't like to do but I cannot be in two places at once and I really have to watch my voice. Since I am a single act, I do all the singing...and because I do such a wide variety of songs and voice does get pushed hard sometimes...especially on rock songs. Believe me, I do not take any of this success for granted. I am most grateful that folks around Orillia, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and now Toronto want to hear my act. As August goes thru and we approach fall, my goal is to add 35 or 40 new songs to my repertoire. These will be 60s and 70s rock and roll mostly because my RV Park friends in Florida really like the old rock songs. 

I've also been working with a voice coach in Toronto, to help me; 1) treat my voice better and 2) improve my technique. I am happy to say that my coach, Ryan, is helping me enormously, on both counts.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer. We will see you soon I know. In the meantime, make sure to Land On Your Feet!


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