Cat Tracks 3

Been awhile eh?

It's been a busy winter here in Florida. I have been able to add a few, new, venues but Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda and Fleamasters in Fort Myers have been exceptionally solid, leading to lots of work at both RV Parks and restaurants. It seems my brand of entertainment and song selection go well here. I've added a couple of dozen new songs building my total song list to near 300. 

As we head north, I am looking forward to playing music again in the Orillia area and indeed a few dates out west too. A big thank you to all of our great friends here in the Port Charlotte is a partial list...first names only: Bernie, 4 Bonnies, Dave, Ian, Paul, Don, Lee, Mike, Hope, Michael, Paul, Michael, John, Dave, Patti, Bob, Delores, Karen, Cliff, Harry, Deborah, and all the snowbirds who've enjoyed my music, bought CDs and given me tips.  You are the best.

Love Dwight

One Eyed Cat 

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