Cat Tracks 4

Boy it's hot here in south Florida...90F or 33C as I speak.

We did two gigs over the weekend. A 4 hour Saturday night show at Fisherman's village...where we had about 100 people come out..listen and dance. My time at FV this winter has been wonderful. I played there an average of twice per week..both in the Center Stage area and on the main concourse. The winter time here is really busy with snowbirds from all up and down the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada. My music and presentation is very well received and they like my singing and song selection. I love to interact with the folks as they walk by or gather round to listen. We have so much fun. We (my partner Linda and I) have seen people dancing, line dancing, dancing with pots in their hands, dancing on benches..single ladies dancing and single men dancing. Might seem odd..but they just get wrapped up in the music and need to express themselves. It's wonderful and we love to see it. Little kids are very interested and many of them dance too. 

We played once per month at the huge Fleamasters Fleamarket in Fort Myers and while it was quiet at times, we found several new clients from RV Parks. Indeed my RV Park business has really picked up with several new clients..all from my work at Fisherman's and Fort Myers. 

As we move north for the summer I have several objectives for my act. One is to add more songs that appeal to younger audiences..both country and rock. I've added one song from The Zac Brown Band, a few from Josh Turner...working on one from Luke Bryant..and even Mumford and Sons. Another objective is to do more work in western Canada. I already have a few feelers out and some are starting to take hold. And third...I will continue to refine my act, continue working with a vocal coach and get myself in better physical shape.  Not overnight..but we'll be workin on it!  Stay tuned and watch out for One Eyed Cat. Might be coming to a town near you.. :-)


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