Cat Tracks 6

Hello again,

Since last chatting, One Eyed Cat has been quite active here in Rosetown and elsewhere. One of my recent gigs is an absolute highlight. I have played for two years in a row, for the Wheatland Regional Centre. These are folks who have special needs, whether physical or developmental. I must say they are the most wonderful folks to play for. They love rock and roll and upbeat music because they love to dance and sing along. During the two hours I played, they danced, cheered and applauded to every song. In this case it was a Halloween dance so I got to see some great customes too. A true muscians' appreciative and active audience.  Now to top it off, they booked me for again next year.

But alas, OEC will be out of commission for about 6 weeks coming up, as I have knee replacement surgery on Nov. 12. Not really looking forward to it, but gotta get this ole' knee fixed.  Since I sit down during my show, it's not really a big deal but load-in and load-out are getting more difficult.

When I can, I will be rehearsing and adding some great new tunes. So stay tuned for updates on that and other things.  

Y'all take care and stay cool!


One Eyed Cat 

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