Egret Pointe Condominium Association 12274 S W Egret Circle Lake Suzy, FL 34269  March 24, 2013 TO:  Dwight Powell “One Eyed Cat” From Bonnie Klott,  Egret Pointe Association President Dear Dwight, I wanted to send you this letter of thanks for the amazing job that you did for our complex on Saturday March 23, 2013. It was certainly my good fortune to have been walking through Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda the day that you were playing.  I knew as soon as you started to sing and play your guitar that you would be perfect entertainment for our Annual Going Away Party for our Association. Well, let me say that all 104 people attending the party said you were the best entertainment we have ever had and we hire someone every year for this party.  You would have thought that you had an entire band behind you. We are so delighted that my Board of Directors and I have agreed that we want you again next year.  If you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to give prospective clients my name and number.  Thanks again Dwight you and your wife were a delight and it was great listing to you and getting to know her as well. Maybe I’ll run into you in Michigan or Canada.  Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you  On March 22nd next year!!!  Regards, Bonnie Klott, President, Egret Pointe Condo Assn.  941-766-9477      ” - Bonnie Klott

— Egret Point Residents Accosciation

April 30,2013 To anyone who enjoys good entertainment at a reasonable price! On March 22, 2013, Dwight Powell, the "One-Eyed Cat" sang and played for Riverhaven Park residents (Punta Gorda)  and friends for three hours. It was an outside setting in a grassy area,under the trees.. Everyone brought their own folding chairs and snacks. We enjoyed Dwight's relaxed style, mellow voice, and his unique introductions to his songs. He took requests and did not mind that he was interrupted at times for a few announcements. At one point we asked him to read some verses for a park game we had set up and he not only obliged pleasantly but added some witty comments!!   And yes, we are having him back next year! There were many requests that he return. Dwight would fit into any occasion. Though his music is relaxing, it had us up jumping around, clapping our hands or swaying back and forth I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed with Dwight, his music, or his style.                                                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                    Molly Soba                                                                                                                                                                                    Co-Chair, entertainment committee                                                                                                                                                                                    Riverhaven Park,                                                                                                                                                                                    Punta Gorda, Fla.” - Molly Soba

— River Haven

  I booked Dwight Powell (One Eye Cat) to play for us after our fish fry.  He arrived on time and carried out the evening in a professional manner.  Our park loves to dance and Dwight played awesome music and we all had such a wonderful time. His choice of music is very danceable.  I would highly recommend Dwight and we are looking very forward to having him return to our park for another engagement.   Nancy Hackler Activities Director Avion Palms Bowling Green, Florida (248) 328-9079” - Nancy Hackler

— Avion Palms RV Park

Comment:Hi Dwight,Enjoyed your performance as did all the others at Avion Palms in Bowling Green Fl following the dinner on St. Pat's day(Sat)We are one of the Cdn couples at our park and love being here in the warm FL sunshine for the winter. Hope to see you again. I think Nancy was going to try to book you for next season.How about a Bobby Curtola tune?!!” - Happy Canadians

— Email comments

Hi Dwight & Linda,         Thanks for making our night here at Cottage Point last night 3/15/2013!!!!  Our little community here, which is a mix of age's which spans from mid 20s to 99 years, was totally captured by your performance. We have had the opportunity to have you perform here for 2 occasions this year and we only wish we knew about you earlier. We plan on having you here on multiple occasions next season so leave room on your schedule for us next year. Your style and professionalism is great, you definitely captured the audience. We would like to plan on having you perform multiple times next season, so please leave room on your schedule, open, for us next year. Thanks again, Bob Richmond President , Cottage Point  Recreation Association  Inc. Fort Myers, Florida (508) 615-8523” - Bob Richmond

— Cottage Point Recreation Association

To Whom It May Concern: Dwight Powell has been a winter resident for the past 5 years. His year's long knowledge and talent has been helpful to Riverside and our activities. His music and professionalism are first rate and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a really great entertainer! Karen Hall Riveside RV Resort (863) 993-2111” - Karen Hall

— Personal Letter

To Whom It May Concern: This is a letter of recommendation for the entertainer One Eyed Cat. The Downtown Orillia Management Board has had the pleasure of working with One Eyed Cat (aka Dwight Powell) on numerous occasions. I had heard about this entertainer, who had played at a local restaurant, then contacted them for a reference. The review I received was favourable so I contacted Mr. Powell and hired him to perform at a Street Festival. We were extremely pleased with this decision. Mr. Powell is very professional, courteous and easy going. We found his musical abilities more than exceeded our expectations. The feedback we received from both attendee's and merchants in our Business Improvement Area (BIA) was very positive. Communication with Mr. Powell is always clear and concise, which is supported by his professional business ethic. We have hired One Eyed Cat on several occasions since. It is always a pleasure working with One Eyed Cat and I am delighted to provide this recommendation. Sincerely, Jodie Wilson Assistant Manager Downtown Orillia Management Board Phone: (705) 325-3261 Fax: (705) 325-7666” - Jodie Wilson

— Downtown Orillia Reference Letter

Dear Mr. Powell, This letter is regarding your performances here at Fishermen's Village. You have helped make Thursday and Saturday afternoons lively. I have had so many people tell me how much they enjoy your music and that you are just so very talented. I look forward to working with you upon your return to Punta Gorda this coming winter! Thanking you in advance for your continuing cooperation. Respectfully yours, Hope Petkus Events Coordinator (845) 701-7172” - Hope Petkus

— Fisherman's Village Reference Letter

RE:          Dwight Powell- musical entertainer             My name is Dieter Euler; I have been the Winter Activity Director for Riverside RV Resort for 13 years.             Dwight came to us as a winter resident 4 years ago, and immediately established himself as an outstanding, reliable, contributing, cooperative, social and friendly camper and person.             He offered us his musical talent, and captivated everyone’s heart, performing for 2 New Year’s Eve parties, special dances, private States parties, musical talent shows, and other private and public functions here in the Resort, as well as externally.             Dwight “senses” his audience, be they dance or entertainment, and plays directly to them and their wishes.  His unique voice and character add charm and appeal.  Extremely versatile, he plays all musical eras and styles – line dances to rock’n roll to classical favorites.             In the summers he has established himself in one of Canada’s prime, upper-end tourist areas, the Muskokas, where he performs in various well known Resorts.             In addition, he is our Resort’s Sound System expert (having designed and built Recording Studios in his life) who advises and maintains our hardware, prepares all events – that all our systems are always ready, dependable and reliable.             As an entertainer, he certainly makes the people hop, and the atmosphere electric! Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Dieter Euler Activity Director, 863.494.1124” - Dieter Euler

— Rivderside RV Park Reference Letter

To Whom It May Concern, One Eyed Cat (Dwight Powell) has played at our restaurant banquet facility for the past 5 months every Friday night. He has played on our patio and has developed his own following of regular clientele. Dwight is a very talented and dedicated singer/musician and we are very fortunate to have had him and look forward to his return in the spring. If you should have any questions please don't hesitate to call. Kindest Regards Terry L. Kiriopoulos Owner/Manager (705) 484-5759” - Terry Kiriopoulos

— Chef Konstantine Reference Letter

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